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Bert's Foreign Auto Service, Santa Ana CA, 92701, Auto Repair, BMW Repair, Porsche Repair, Lexus Repair and Mercedes-Benz Repair
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Bert's Foreign Auto Service is a full-service preventative maintenance and auto repair center that has been performing high quality, guaranteed automotive repair in the Orange County area since 1962. At Bert's Foreign Auto Service, we emphasize value and provide savings well below dealership pricing. We also offer same day service and accept appointments. Experience the advantages that an independently owned service center can offer you. Come on in to Bert's Foreign Auto Service this week, and see why we are considered one of the most reliable automotive shops in the county.

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John's Review
5 Star Review
  • Bert's Foreign Auto Service, Santa Ana CA, 92701, Auto Repair, BMW Repair, Porsche Repair, Lexus Repair and Mercedes-Benz Repair

Summary: Good things

Review: I Can't Say Enough Good Things About Bert's. I have had Mercedes Benzes for Twenty tyears. In that time I have used House of Imports, Fletcher Jones Five Star in Costa Mesa and Automax in Tustin for repairs. The one common denominator is that they were and I am sure still are ridiculously priced. A number years ago, I met Ron Jefferies when our sons played sports together. Ron mentioned to me his company, Bert's Foriegn Car service. At the time I was skeptical, because I thought that i would be better off with the dealer or a supposedly higher end service center. As one of my three E series got older I thought I would give Ron a try. Since that trial I have become a loyal client. Ron has fixed more things on my aging fleet than I can recall. He never minds if I just stop in when a engine warning light comes on. He has serviced my cars as well as if not better than anyone else could and has saved me thousands of dollars, I am not exaggerating that number. The reason why I post this today is because six hours ago my 2007 E350 had a shock absorber bracket crack and I could not continue to drive it. I called Ron who was closing up for the holidays told me to slowly drive the car over and when I got there intead of simply replacing the shock at great cost, he took the broken part and ingeniously welded the piece back into functional condition. Being aware of my strained financial circumstances due to the recession, he lterally granted this repair to me as a Christmas present and a thank you for my Loyalty to Bert's. You will never get that type of immediate service from other service providers, they would have taken days to get to the repair and would have charged me somewhere in the neighborhood of $600.00. It is this type of time honored, humane, caring business practice that the profit first types just don't get. If you live in Tustin like me or anywhere in Orange County Please give Ron & his fine young right hand mechanic Junior a chance. I know you will be glad

Reviewed By: John N.
Review Date: 3/4/2013
Reviewer Location: North Tustin, ca

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